Super Easy Ways To Clean Your Leather Recliner [Step By Step Guide]

Recliners upholstered with leather have their own class and attributes, unparalleled to other upholstery materials. Yet, they need to be maintained like any other thing. Too much exposure to sunlight can fade their color, and stains can appear if spills on them are not quickly dealt with.

Whether it is a Power Lift or a Rocker recliner, cleaning a leather recliner is child’s play. Yes, you read that right! But even then, there are some useful tips that one must keep in mind!

Step 1 – Vacuum Cleaner

It is vacuuming that literally keeps a leather recliner clean. A vacuum cleaner prevents a leather recliner from getting all dirty, and it is the one that attends to its hidden areas and grabs all the dust particles. So, if you have a leather recliner, then consider buying a vacuum cleaner as well. It is only for your own good.

Vacuuming Leather Recliner

Step 2 – Soapy Water

Immediately clean up anything that has a chance to leave a mark on your recliner. If something does happen and it can be wiped away with simple soapy water, then it is advised to use distilled water for that. The water from the tap has other contaminants like chlorine that can affect and damage the leather.

Please note that a stain on a leather recliner must not be rubbed too harshly while cleaning, but rather continuously dabbed. That way, cleaning will not cause extra damage to your recliner, but rather prevent it from that.

Soapy Water To Clean Leather Recliners

Step 3 – Dry

It is crucial that you must always dry your recliner after cleaning it with water. You can use a dry cloth for that purpose. Water can weaken the leather if it is left there. Wipe it away after you are done cleaning. That is the only way.

drying the recliner

Cleaning Grease Stains

If there are grease stains found on your recliner, add a pinch of baking soda over it and let it stay there for a while, probably a few hours. Beware of water in this situation as it can cause the grease to set in. Just wipe it off with a dry cloth afterward.

baking soda

Cleaning Ink Stains

If there are ink stains, then any worry will only go in vain. All it takes is rubbing alcohol to clean those ink stains off a leather recliner, even with the help of a cotton swab or a cloth.

alcohol to remove ink stains on a leather recliner

Using Vinegar

There are other ways to clean a leather recliner, like using vinegar with olive oil. Dab it with a clean cloth or spray it with a spray bottle, it will help make your recliner shine.

cleaning leather recliners

The longevity of leather recliners is admirable, but they need to be treated often with leather cream or conditioner, and they must be kept clean at all times if people want them to look up to the mark. Even if your recliner is covered with microfiber instead of typical leather, its cleanliness should be your foremost priority related to it. Only then, your recliner would be saved from earlier damage. Only then, it will last long for you to use.

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