Best Recliner For Sleeping 2023

7 Best Recliner Chairs For Sleeping 2023 – Most Comfortable Choices

People with backache, sleep apnea, insomnia, or other sleeping conditions find it difficult sometimes to lay in bed. Instead of being comforted, they end up feeling exhausted or troubled. Or if you have a habit of falling asleep while watching games or movies, you are in dire need of a sleeping recliner. For these conditions, sleeping recliners come into the picture to rescue your mind and body. Sleeping in a recliner provides the best beauty sleep that comes with endless benefits.

Best Sleeping Recliner Chair Reviews

Finding the best sleeping recliner requires research. Dimensions, weight capacity, upholstery, and framework should be considered before buying a recliner. Other specs such as color, shape, design, and manual or power reclining are also important. Well, we provided you with a list of tried and tested recliners that have various functions. The list is rated according to the performances of the recliners. We promise you won’t need more research to find the perfect sleeping recliner.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner (7288)

Our Rating: 9.9/10

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair (7288)


Mcombo offers a wide range of furniture that provides love seats, sofas, and couches. Their specialty is to offer comfy chairs where you can rest and relax in the house. This recliner comes in five different colors with various shades to settle your needs and wants at once.

  • The strong look with seam strips offers firmness in sitting and reclining. It is heavily padded to provide lumbar support to heal back pain. The soft foam helps you sleep on the armchair in a relaxed position. The armrest is wide but filled with softness and cushions to relax the entire body.
  • The faux leather of the recliner makes it practical and functional for use. It offers the ease and access you need in this busy life. The leather contains a soothing texture to calm nerves and the body. It gives warmth and sink-in ability to every body type. If you don’t want the heat, place a soft cloth or bedsheet over the recliner and tuck it in.
  • This recliner comes with a remote that contains two buttons to fulfill every need of the user. They customize three thoroughly designed positions to sit straight, recline a little to read and relax to take a nap. Sleeping position cannot go wrong with this armchair. It provides ultimate comfort and rests the soul.
  • It is TUV certified, which means it’s noiseless, smooth, and reliable. It is made of durable material that increases the confidence of the user. This certification makes sure that the standard of the recliner remains intact.
  • Finding the power lift feature at a reasonable price is difficult, but this chair contains a smooth and noiseless lifting mechanism. It eases the movement for the elderly or people with joint issues. This chair is going to give you independence and security.

Additional Features

  • Two cup holders are present to give you extra choices in the drink. These cups are wide enough to place a water bottle in one cup and a popcorn bucket in the other. More options offer comfort which leads to more happiness.
  • Two side-bags pockets are stitched to place snacks, magazines, books, and TV remotes. We all know these things occupy more space than intended. Considering the need, this recliner provides us with the solution.
  • Two USB ports are also placed to charge your electronic devices at once. These things don’t only make this unique but also more appealing. You don’t have to get up every 2 minutes when you need something.



  • The footrest can be a little stiff at the start (gets normal in 1 week)
This recliner looks like a jackpot for the price, like finding gold in a coal mine. The assistance, accommodation, and functions this chair provides make it more desirable and wanted. The addition of comfort and shape of the recliner steals the show in providing heavenly sleep.


Seatcraft Julius – Big & Tall Powered Recliner

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Seatcraft Julius Home Theater Recliner


Seatcraft provides recliners, sofas, and love seats with a twist and signature style. They look extravagant and elegant in your living room. It is a wall hugger recliner with a basic black color. It can complete your furnishing or add style to your home. The shape and design can make your jaw drop; it’s beautiful.

  • The backrest, footrest, and seat of the chair are wide enough to let you feel comfortable in this seat. It also provides the complete package of sitting and sleeping. Heavily padded armrests and headrests are there only for you to feel supported and safe.
  • Dimensions of this armchair are broad for sleeping, reading a book, or sitting for long hours. It is furnished to meet your desired sleeping position and reclining angle. It offers cuddly feelings at night and extra space if you want to add pillows or more support for your back.
  • This power recliner does everything with a little more effort. Various buttons are present to control the reclining motion of the chair and headrest. The headrest can be adjusted according to your needs. It lowers the pressure on your neck and shoulder, giving you another reason to take a quick nap.
  • The leather upholstery lasts longer than your lifetime. The fabric is smooth and sturdy enough to provide comfort and coziness. It can bear the wear and tear of the user by also providing a sleek look.

Additional Features

  • A USB port to keep you hooked to the chair is an essential feature. Keep your devices at arms-length with this bonus feature. You can do your work or watch movies peacefully.
  • A side bag stitched to the chair for things you would generally need. The bag can store snacks for movie nights or books if you love reading.
  • Our favorite feature would be the cup holder that lit up in the dark. It can hold your drinks, water, and containers so you can sit hands-free and enjoy the moment.
  • A swivel tray makes it a complete package for theatre or games. It can hold food, a laptop, a dish, snacks, or your stuff to be coordinated.


  • Strong leather upholstery
  • 400lb of weight capacity
  • Zero gravity reclining position
  • Easy power reclining
  • Thick cushions for lumbar support


  • The footrest lays a little low
Sleeping on the recliner can be a problem if it's not high quality, stiff, or lacks support. But this armchair is heavily padded, power reclines, and adjustable according to your body's needs. It also offers a little slow motion for people with new surgeries, the elderly, or disabilities. The body posture in this recliner can help you heal your aches, sleep apnea, insomnia, and other conditions.


ANJ Overstuffed Electric Recliner Chair

Our Rating: 9.7/10

ANJ Electric Power Recliner


ANJ recliners are famous for offering electric, massage, or heat recliners. They always have a bonus feature to add to the comfort. This recliner comes in a brown, nut-brown, and smoke-gray color. These colors will look breathtaking in a wood furnishing living room. They can also provide an aesthetic finish to a colorful house.

  • The leather finish indeed looks like the fanciest recliner with luxury feelings. The fabric of the armchair does the job of providing you with safety and comfort. The backrest, armrest, and side of the chair are filled with soft but sturdy foam to provide support for your body.
  • The cushions are thick and deep-seated to rest your neck and head in place. It offers heavenly napping time with no disturbance at all. This recliner surely made me have a habit of nap time in between the day because I couldn’t function without sitting on it.
  • The framework of the recliner provides longevity, which is more than enough. The durable metal frame increases confidence in the product and makes it a lot stronger for usage.
  • Gentle motion is necessary for the elderly or people with surgeries; thus, it uses an electronic mechanism to accommodate them. Two push buttons control every function of this recliner. Sit straight or lay down a little, or nap straight into the recliner; these buttons are the answer to your every position.
  • A USB port is present in the chair to keep your electronic devices in check. This feature will let you do scrolling in peace or comfort you to fulfill your work duties from home.


  • Two pushbuttons for accessibility
  • Slow motions for disabled and elderly
  • Beautiful faux leather finish
  • Quick to clean fabric


  • The USB port is a little slow in charging
This electronic chair comes with every feature that you want. From the easiest reclining position for sleeping to a sturdy base and framework to feel protected. It helps you to take long naps but also protects your body while doing it. The thickness of the seat restores your body overnight and leaves you with freshness in the morning. It sure does complete the job it promised.


CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

Our Rating: 9.6/10

CANMOV Heavy Duty Power Lift Recliner


CANMOV store has the coziest recliners to provide comfort and support. This recliner has fantastic lumbar support and a power lift mechanism. It is more accessible and easy for people with old age or mobility issues. It comes in a chocolate and camel color that gives a pleasant aesthetic vibe.

  • This armchair is heavily padded with designs of seam strips to support backache issues. Soft cushions are comfier than a bed. It lets your body relax and restore its energy. The texture of the fabric feels flowy to the skin and helps to develop the sink-in motion.
  • Stuffed pillows on arms and the backrest, a heightened back, and the shape of pads on the backrest heal backache. These features also help with improving body posture and relaxing your muscles. A lovely chair to sit in for hours without getting tired or to sleep in.
  • Two pushbuttons are present to make your time go from good to better. It is cozy enough to sleep for long hours. The peace this chair provides will instantly let you fall asleep in it. You only have to push a button to recline it fully to make it a bed of softness. These buttons control every motion of the recliner and help to make you sit straight, read a book or recline enough to sleep.
  • The metal framework and upholstery of this item are long-lasting. These features make this the best recliner, providing an accommodated shape with cozy features and good benefits. It can last longer than your previous recliner.
  • A spacious side pocket is also stitched on the armchair to keep your things within arm’s reach. Tv remote, books, and magazines will be within your reach, or some snacks for your movies and games. Thus, giving you one more reason not to leave the chair alone.


  • Electronic power lift
  • Weight capacity of 300lb
  • Padded cushions for the backrest
  • Side bag for extra storage
  • Simple step assembly


To make this chair a foolproof buy, you should measure the chair's dimensions so you don't end up suffocating your lounge. But the plus point is if you have 5'1 to 5'8 of height, this will provide sufficient space for you.

Sleeping in a recliner is often necessary for people with sleep apnea or back pain. The pillows and pads of this chair are arranged to smooth your pain and assist you in sleeping. It's warm, homey, and inviting for your body, offering you a resting place and a partner for sleeping.


Wingback Leather Recliner Chair

Our Rating: 9.3/10

Wingback Leather Recliner


FDW store provides people with coffee tables, outdoor picnic furniture, and living room accessories. This armchair comes in five colors to let you choose the best recliner possible. All of the colors are unique, adding an aesthetic to the home and completing the look. The shape of this chair is classy enough to use in home offices, nurseries, and bedrooms.

  • This recliner chair is also known as the all-rounder chair for its diversity in the office, bedroom, or living room. You just have to sit back and recline. The comfort provided by thick and heavy pillows lets you sleep in peace. The footrest is padded enough to offer generous support to your feet and ankles. It enhances your dizzy eyes and acts as a lullaby to let you sleep.
  • The sturdy wood framework makes it the strongest and most long-lasting chair. It can bear the use and abuse of your children or pets around. You will be carefree at parties and gatherings because it can protect itself.
  • PU upholstery on these recliners comes with many benefits, and my favorite is that it’s easy to clean. Only a wipe of a damp cloth is needed to make it as shiny as new.
  • Most recliners don’t lay completely flat for sleeping positions; they are designed to take small naps. But this chair can replace your bed with zero gravity reclining motion. It acts as a bed but with ultimate softness to keep you entertained and warm.


  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Two-minute assembly
  • Durable wood framework
  • Extra padded footrest and backrest
  • Lumbar support for back pain
  • The diverse style for different environments


  • It does not lock when reclined
This con can be solved by putting on a footrest or small table to lock the reclining motion. This chair is too good for the price to consider this a deal-breaker. A sleeping recliner should have extra comfort with thick cushions to relax your body, mind, and soul. It should be durable and long-lasting, providing the safe support we need while sleeping. This recliner offers these things and more too. The style is sleek and elegant, making it a most wanted recliner.


Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider Recliner

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Glider Recliner


Ravenna home provides luxury ottomans and storage benches. The furniture manufacturer goes for sleek and contemporary chic designs. This recliner comes in gray, taupe, and black color. Its shape is specifically designed to provide more space for sitting and less to occupy.

  • The foam-filled seat is thick and deep to provide support for your back and body. It is incredibly comfortable and soft to sit, eat or sleep. Spending a whole day in this recliner seems like a perfect day to me. The armrest and footrest are heavily padded for softness.
  • The upholstered fabric of the recliner can be cleaned with a dry cloth. It is smooth and gentle on the skin. The material of the recliner provides comfort but is long-lasting to use. It can survive the wear and tear of the user.
  • A hook is present under the right armrest for manual reclining of the chair. Its position is flat enough to fall asleep easily in the chair. Padded foams in the chair offer support for the boy and help you heal the ache.
  • This recliner also has a rocking feature, which means it is perfect for nurseries or elders. Rockers help to aid in healing trauma, depression, anxiety, and body pain. Combining the rocking feature with a soft reclining chair makes a deadly combination.


  • Cozy shape for sleeping
  • Double padded soft foam
  • Noiseless rocking
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy oak framework


  • The footrest needs a little push
A little force is required to push down the footrest to its place. But the comfort this chair provides is unmatchable. It lets you sleep in peace without any disturbance or uncomfortable feelings. It does not put pressure on your neck or shoulders. The features and performance of this chair are a lot better than the price you pay.



Elevating the head while sleeping has a lot of health benefits. Sleep apnea, insomnia, back pain, joint issue, and pain caused by new surgeries are diminished while sleeping in a comfortable recliner. Recliners are cozier than a bed because they provide feelings of a hug or cuddle. They fit perfectly into the body and soothe you while you sleep.

Some recliners are easy for taking a nap, but they give you ache and body pain or put uneven pressure on your body in the long run. Our team thoroughly tried and tested the recliners mentioned above to ensure your health won’t suffer. Performance is an essential thing to notice in armchairs, but the quality and looks are also important. The aesthetics a piece of furniture provides to your house make it a complete home. It should fit in, be colorful, and look beautiful in the room. The list contains various fancy, funky and nude shades to complete your requirement. Now you are only a click away from finding the recliners of your dreams or a recliner you can dream in.

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