Best Oversized Recliner For Tall & Big People 2023

Best Oversized Recliners For Tall & Big People 2023 – Which one to buy?

Searching a recliner for tall and big people is like finding a needle in a haystack; a lot tough and hectic. Everyone has the right to feel calmness and comfort by sinking into cushioned padded recliners, but people with tall height and big bodies cannot find this comfort. Mostly they find hump necks, backaches, severe cramps, and leg aches by using the recliners made for short-sized people. Well, positioning yourself in a grasshopper manner to fit in does not provide comfort either. Height does come with an edge, but it has its struggles, and finding the perfect match in a recliner is one of the struggles too.

For tall people, finding a recliner is more like a physics job. You have to measure your height, torso, and legs. Then, compare them to the length of the backrest, footrest, and headrest of the recliner to find your favorite one. And that’s not it; measuring seat depth, seat height, and height of armrests are essential too.

Best Recliner for Tall People Reviews

Hey, don’t sweat, because we have done everything used and researched recliners to find out the best seven. All of them are tried and tested and come in great colors and shapes to please the eye. Luckily, we have a 6’5″ guy Mark (Network Assistant) at our store, we asked him to test each recliner for 3 days regularly. Based on his reviews and our quality team recommendations, we have made this list of the top recliners.

Signature Design by Ashley Recliner

Our Rating: 9.9/10

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner


When you want good quality with elegant looks, Design by Ashley comes to mind. It provides a luxurious finish to your room and lounge. This recliner very much does the same by giving cuddle-like feelings to 6’1″ ft. of height. But with tall people, it is also inclusive towards disabled and elderly people.

  • The weight limit of this tall and big person recliner is 300lb. The dimensions of this cozy chair are 35 x 40 x 42.5. With 69 fully reclined lengths and 20 seat height, it can be the accommodation you need for rest and fun. 
  • The contemporary design of this chair is to die for; it comes in the saddle and black color. Contemporary designs are always the safest option; they can go with chic, modern, classic, basic, and every other theme possible. 
  • The saddle-brown upholstery looks like a leather finish but provides the experience of cushions and softness. The backrest is heightened, and support on the lumbar back is perfect for someone who has a backache. It is carefully designed to feel safe and warm. It does help to cure aches but also enhances your body posture issues. 
  • The power lift recliner uses a push button to recline and eases you to dreams and more. Instead of searching for a lever or, in some cases adding extra effort to pull the lever, power buttons have saved so much energy.
  • While reclining, it’s a bit slow and takes a minute to do the job so that people with disabilities, mobility issues, and the elderly find it accessible and easy to use. Fast motions are always a bit harsh and add problems to some people’s comfort.


  • Comfortable for 6’1″ ft people
  • Max weight limit is 300lb
  • Heavily padded and smooth sitting
  • A push-button to easily recline
  • Very Durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • The Footrest does not elevate much
This con is not even a deal-breaker; a matching ottoman or a coffee table can easily do the job. Or if you want it more elevated, let someone adjust it for you by putting support; we did the same. For the elderly, disabled, tall, and big people, this recliner can be a jackpot. The power lift makes everything come together and is easy to use. The fabric is relatively smooth, soft, and warm. Cushions and thick pads are going to give you the joy of life, a pretty perfect seat for a feel-good movie series, and a coffee.


ANJ Electric Home Theater Recliner

Our Rating: 9.8/10

ANJ Electric Recliner Chair Breathable Bonded Leather


From massage recliners to rockers and pushback chairs, everything is manufactured at ANJ furnishers. They are experienced manufacturers that provide the most reliable products. This recliner has sturdy fabric that can manage the wear and tear of the user; it indeed completes the commitment. This armchair does provide the most attractive looks. But they also, provide faux leather and seam strips to add the firmness it needs.

  • This electric recliner for tall and big people is comfortable for a 6’1 height with a weight capacity of 300lb. This recliner has a dimension of 28 x 39 x 39 inches. The expanded length of the backrest can be 18.3 as seat height. It is more suitable when you have a long torso as compared to your legs.
  • This armchair comes with a modern look finish to complete the look of your lounge. Grey and brown tones are always a yes for home, and nude colors contrast with every other design. They also bring simplicity to the funkiest places. 
  • It is a power recliner with two push buttons to control the reclining motion. It reclines enough to give your feet a rest. The reclining position is so cozy that you can watch TV, read a book, or even take a nap on it. 
  • This electric recliner does not want you to leave, so it also provides a USB port to charge your electronic devices. You can just scroll while sitting on it and attend a meeting if you want to! It has so many benefits.


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Quick cleaning
  • Smooth power reclining 
  • Comfortable for 6’1 ft 
  • Can bear weight up to 300lb 


  • Charging phones can be a bit slow
Wide and padded footrest, backrest, and lumbar support, it’s a win situation. Right? It enhances body posture, heals backache, relaxes your body, and reclines to the optimum length. It does have two push buttons that are made for people with mobility issues and extra comfort. Last but not least electric USB port is a fun feature to have in your chair. With this electric recliner, it’s easy to do work from home too. All of these features have won me over, for sure.


Homelegance Laurelton Glider Recliner

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Homelegance Laurelton Microfiber Glider Recliner


Homelegance provides comfortable furniture for bedrooms, lounges, and offices. This product comes with a twist; it gives you the option to choose from their single recliner, love seat, and sofa. And the option to have a matching set with your partner makes this recliner more loveable. But this is not it; everything is appealing about this armchair, from dimension to a bonus feature.

  • The dimension of the armchair is 43 x 40 x 40 inches. The seat depth is 23 inches, the seat width is 18 inches, and the seat height is 20 inches. You can tell these measurements leave enough room for a tall or big person. 
  • This Microfiber recliner is heavily padded and contains thick cushions. It gives you the feeling of wrapping up in a blanket that leads you to sleep straight away. 
  • A lever controls the reclining action. It reclines enough to take a nap, and if you want to sit straight and read a book, then push the footrest for additional comfort. 
  • The finished product of this recliner is made from 100% polyester fabric. A perfect recliner for movies and games because the material is quick to clean with a wipe. It can also bear the highs and lows of sports.
  • The recliner comes in two colors, while the sofa and loveseat also have various options to choose from. These colors are vibrant and unique to fulfill your lounge with an aroma of beauty all around.
  • The bonus feature this recliner provides is it can glide while it’s not reclined, adding a little more fun and movement to your relaxation. Gliding is smooth and even, with a lot of practical functions too.


  • Comfortable for 6ft people
  • A matching set of love seat and sofa is available
  • The sturdy framework of vinyl and wood
  • Polyester soft and durable fabric
  • Can Glide when not reclined


  • The Footrest can use a push to go down 
This microfiber recliner takes relaxation to new heights. The padded upholstery and cushions are enough proof for softness and cozy feelings. It is heightened and has a big armrest and footrest, enough for a tall person to sink in after a hard day. The glider acts as the icing on the cake. Not only good for the price but also functional with the gliding feature. The recliner makes sure that you love it.


CANMOV PU Leather Recliner

Our Rating: 9.7/10

CANMOV PU Leather Manual Recliner


Specialists always offer the best products in quality and style, and Canmov specializes in recliners, sofa chairs, and living room furniture. This recliner comes in three models with different heights to offer you the most accommodating product. All of them have a contemporary style and elegant colors that make you excited to get them. 

  • The dimensions of this recliner are 40.5 x 39 x 37 inches. It provides spacious arms and footrests for comfort. The height of the armrest and the depth of the seat can fit anyone perfectly. Tall people will dig the comfort provided by this recliner. 
  • The sturdy and strong material of the framework will let the recliner breathe and live everywhere. With brass nails and long-lasting life, you can use it as a gaming chair or even as a theatre recliner.
  • It reclines at the maximum capacity to sleep and provides enough headrest and footrest to give support to your whole body. Double cushions and design add volume to the back, body posture, and a homely feel. 
  • It is covered with breathable PU leather, soft for summers and warm for winters. It is an easygoing fabric to bear the claws of pets. For a house with naughty children and ongoing sports, this recliner has been a sustainable option for a long time. 


  • Comfortable for 6’1 
  • Wide Footrest to relax
  • Lumbar support for backache
  • Can easily handle mistreatment 
  • Bulky but elegant body type 
  • Manual recliner


  • Footrest needs help to put down
This kind of recliner can make everyone comfortable in your household. Short people will feel like a giant hug while it perfectly fits tall people. These features are helpful and resistant to every abuse you can throw at it. By ticking every other box, it excels in the style department. You will find the most likable, contrasting, and pretty colors available in it. From sleeping to watching or playing games, this is the spot for you.


Great Deal Furniture Glider Recliner

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Great Deal Furniture Leather Glider Recliner


The living room’s basic black and elegant chair by knight home store. Sometimes only the classical basic things can satisfy you instead of the modern features. All the glitter is not gold; we know that, but this recliner is a bar of gold and shines bright like a diamond. With its gliding ability and sinking in performance, I have loved it. Let’s dig into its primary performance.

  • Measurements are broad enough to fit tall and big-body people and make them feel loved, included, and comfy. This recliner has the dimensions of the beast 42.5 x 38.98 x 39.76 inches. The seat depth is 21.75 inches, while the seat height is 19.50 inches. 
  • It provides a vast space to feel comfortable and easy. These dimensions are adapted to tall people but offer comfort to short people too. Thus, becoming an all-rounder in the game. If comfort had a face, this recliner would surely be the face of it. It looks like a plushy blanket that calls you for attention and relaxation. 
  • It is a manual lever recliner, but the performance of the lever is smooth and maintainable. The manual lever can easily be reached at arm’s length and quickly pressed in a minute. 
  • Because of its gliding feature instantly became my favorite spot to hang around, read, or scroll. Easy gliding will relax you and lets you have fun at the same time. The practical, noiseless, and effortless ride of the glider can also help reduce arthritis pain.

But be aware, because it can also doze you to sleep, making you miss those meetings. Been there, done that! 


  • Comfortable enough for 6ft person 
  • Manual reclining for customization
  • Effortless gliding 
  • Soft and plushy recliner 
  • Can bear up to 300lb of weight 


  • Footrest requires a bit of push
A glider recliner with noiseless movement and dimensions of a monster. It seems too good to be true, but it is the truth. The performance it provides is better than the price. These features are more worthy when you get to know that this product will last for years, offering the same performance as new.


Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver (4501-190)


From the sofa and couches to the ottoman and coffee table, everything warm and cozy is provided by lane home furnishings. They have 100+ years of experience in making durable furniture. This recliner also marks up to their warmth and homely standard.

  • Your tall height and fluffy body will fit in with softness because the dimension of this recliner is 40 x 44 x 48 inches. It reclines to give the comfort of a king-size bed and helps to sleep in. The maximum weight limit of this recliner is 500lb.
  • In terms of longevity, it is the best because of the seven gauge steel and bolts in the armrest for added stability. The framework of wood gives a solid foundation to this chair, making it unbreakable. 
  • Ash to grey and charcoal, this recliner is available in different colors to give a pop of style to your home. By providing a variety of beauty, it adds pleasantry to your living room.
  • It is upholstered with leather-looking plush fabric that offers a soothing texture to calm your nerves. The seam strips on the recliner give a dense touch to it with an additional level of calmness. They enhance the back and lumbar support lines to create a dimensional dream bed. It will be your favorite spot to rest, relax and recharge.


  • Comes in nine colors
  • Soft and cushioned fabric
  • Hardwood frame and steel mechanism
  • Comfy for up to 6’9 ft people
  • Weight limit of 500lb
  • Can bear use and abuse


Finding a recliner compatible with this much height is difficult; talking about additional features sounds impossible. But this recliner has made the impossible possible. The hardwood frame, durability, softness, and color options everything come as a bonus to this chair. But there should be a warning for short people, Do not come close as you will lose in such a vast space. This can be the ultimate dream recliner for all tall people.


Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner (4501P-19)

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner (4501P-19) 


Lane furnishings are famous for providing the most quality products, and with this recliner, they have outdone themselves. The quality of the product is worth vouching for, long-lasting and durable, with a rocking feature when it’s reclined. Its shape and mechanism are the soul specs of this recliner.

  • With the dimension of 40 x 44 x 48 inches, it reclines like a Beast! A perfect match for big and tall people that can easily hold up to 500 lb. of weight. A person of 6’3 height can sink right into the chair and have a cozy feeling. 
  • The length between the armrest is 24 inches. Also, perfect for people of short height and more weight. If you are tall but a bit on the thin side, you can cuddle up with your partner too! The space is quite vast.
  • This recliner is upholstered with wood and woven chenille. It gives sturdiness to the seat, and double cushions and padded armrests offer divinity and coziness. That makes the shape of the recliner adaptive and supportive to heal backache
  • Power reclining helps to make it comfortable for the use of elderly or disabled people. A USB port is also present as a cherry on top. 
  • Rocking recliners can also be used to cure backache or in nurseries to help babies and toddlers to sleep. According to a study, they also give some aid to anxiety and depression.
  • Heads up, It’s a big chair so, measure your space before buying it to avoid any inconvenience.


  • The sink-in ability for a 6’3 height
  • Reclines up to a king-size mattress 
  • 7-gauge steel seat box 
  • Power reclining and rocking 
  • Sturdy yet the comfy body 
  • Comes in eight colors  


  • The charging port can be a little slow 
A recliner for tall and big people with a sturdy and durable framework, different colors to match the aesthetics, rocks, and reclines up to a king-size mattress, do you want something more? It is tough to find a bulky recliner for tall people in today’s market, but adding these features is an edge to the users. It does worth every penny, and the features are too good to say “No.” Our team had a great experience with the durability of this product. We would say it is a steal if you can get your hands on it at this price.


Finding a recliner for tall people can make you dizzy, but we researched these recliners thoroughly. We have presented you with the market’s best gliders, rockers, power, and manual recliners. Now the choice is yours to pick the only recliner of your dreams. You can also choose a recliner wide enough to fit both people and tall enough that your feet do not hang with the chair.

Noticing height, weight limit, and measurements of depth helps to choose the right recliner. If your torso is larger than your legs, go for a recliner with more seat height and less depth but if your legs are long, then choose vice versa. 

The list provided above is the gist of all possible recliners that can accommodate your health, service, and relaxation. You will find a recliner to take home, sleep on it, read magazines or watch a movie together. A recliner that will provide you with feel-good moments and homely feelings.

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