Best Chair And a Half Recliner 2023

6 Best Chair And a Half Recliner 2023 [Most Comfortable Choices]

If you do not like the limitations of a traditional recliner, the chair and a half recliner is ideal for you. It is an exceptionally wide recliner. Whether you are an overweight person or you love snuggling with your significant other, or you want to spend quality time with your children for bedtime stories, Chair and a Half Recliner is the best choice for you.

We all experience hectic and stressful days at work. Your back needs to be able to get both a healthy stretch and a gentle squeeze for it to function correctly. That is why it is imperative that you have a place in your home where you can recline comfortably and still be upright. Chair and a half recliner will accommodate you well, give your legs a place to relax, and your back will get the kind of stretch it needs while still being very comfortable at the same time.

  1. Best Overall: Signature Design by Ashley Austere Zero Wall Recliner
  2. Best Budget: Hana Plush Cushion Tufted Back Loveseat Recliner
  3. Best Chair And a Half Rocker: Esright Grey Upholstered Rocking Chair
  4. Best Oversized Option: Christopher Knight Home 2-Seater Recliner
  5. Most Comfortable: Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Oversized Armchair
  6. Best Zero Wall Recliner: Signature Design by Ashley Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner

Best Chair And a Half Recliner Reviews

There are many different chair and half recliners with many various features. We tested 17 of the best knowns and have put together this list of the top 6 to make it easier for you to choose the best chair and half recliners for your specific needs and taste.

Christopher Knight Home 2-Seater Recliner

Our Rating: 9.9/10

Christopher Knight Home Halima Fabric 2-Seater Recliner

Weight Limit: 400 lbs

Seat Depth: 39.50 inches


Christopher Knight Home is a U.S. furniture company specializing in designing and manufacturing modern masterpieces for the home, particularly couches and living room sets and dozens of other furniture pieces to complement your living room or bedroom decor.

  • This chair and half recliner have a 39.50″ width, and it can support up to 400 pounds which allows enough space to snuggle with your partner or kids.
  • It has a reclining angle of 150 degrees. My sister sleeps on it whenever she comes to visit us, and she says that it is very comfortable.

Christopher Knight Home Halima Fabric 2-Seater Recliner, Charcoal

  • The recliner weighs around 90 pounds, and it is effortless to move from one room to another.
  • It has very soft padding for the headrest; laying down and sleeping on it is just perfect.
  • Its upholstery is available in two fabrics and colors, charcoal slate and microfiber navy blue.
  • Its fabric feels luxurious and soft that it envelops us as me and my partner sink into its hug-like embrace, bringing the ultimate comfort to my every lounging moment at home.
  • Its design is sleek, and chic, with a modern pull-tab reclining feature that gives me complete control of the recline angle.
  • This recliner offers plush comfort in a modern style that’s sure to be appreciated by the most discerning of adults. The recliner provides outstanding support that makes viewing T.V. more comfortable.



  • There is less padding in edges and armrests
With its smooth lines and effortless design, Christopher Knight Home's recliner is sure to bring style and sophistication to any home interior setting. It is an excellent piece of furniture at a reasonable price, and it's a perfect way to revitalize your living room or patio. It's a product that's sure to be appreciated by anyone who buys it. We thoroughly recommend this 2-Seater as the #1 Chair and a half recliner if you need a modern recliner with so much extra space to enjoy a good time with your loved ones.


Signature Design By Ashley Austere Zero Wall Recliner

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Signature Design by Ashley - Contemporary Zero Wall Recliner

Weight Limit: 400 lbs

Seat Width: 34 inches


Signature Design by Ashley is on the list of the best furniture manufacturers in the market, with over 70 years of experience in furniture making. This is yet another awesome recliner offered by them.

  • This zero-wall recliner is not only well-made but comfortable and luxurious. The zero wall feature allows it to save space by sliding forward whenever you recline. It requires only 3.00″ between the wall and the recliner. And it is best for people with mobility issues.
  • It’s also built to last with solid hardwood veneer construction and sturdy, curved arms that will hold up as much as 400 pounds.
  • It has a pull tab reclining motion that eases my back so smoothly and allows me complete control of the recline angle. It reclines to nearly 180 degrees which makes it comfortable to sleep in.
  • Its seat is 34 inches wide and made up of high-resiliency foam cushions which are as good as new even after prolonged use.
  • It is upholstered with microfiber, which is very easy to clean and feels smooth.

Signature Design by Ashley - Contemporary Zero Wall Recliner Material

  • When purchasing a chair and a half recliner, color is an essential factor to consider. I bought a grey one, as the grey hue elegantly enhances the recliner’s charm and rustic look, but you can also have a brown faux leather option if you do not like gray.
  • The overall appeal and sturdiness of the recliner is increased by consistent giant stitching and nailhead trim.


  • Long-lasting and durable frame
  • Wide and ample seat depth
  • Zero Wall (Space Saver)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable padding


  • Does not offer a real leather option
Overall, this Zero Wall Chair and a Half Recliner is a piece of high-quality furniture that should last you a very long time. Still in doubt? keep in mind that it features a 1-year warranty and a return policy that will let you choose a different model if this one doesn't fit the look and feel of your room. You can tell that you're in for a treat when you buy this recliner.


Hana Plush Cushion Tufted Back Loveseat Recliner

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Hana Plush Cushion Tufted Back Loveseat Recliner

Weight Limit: 400 lbs

Seat Depth: 39.50 inches


  • This plush, tufted-back loveseat recliner was a great addition to my family room. It is a loveseat that can easily fit two people and is very comfortable for overweight people and tall people. The seats are 39.50 inches wide, and the back is decorated with a tailored, tufted design that was a stylish accent to my home.
  • This piece has a well-built frame for the perfect balance of comfort and durability. I have big dogs, and they bounced around on it, and it did not make a difference in its durability.
  • It has a great recline function for those late nights when relaxation is crucial, and it fully reclines if you want to sleep on it, but it needs 18 inches of extra lounge space to recline fully. It is manually adjusted with a pull tab, making it easy for anyone of any age or ability to adjust.
  • The design of this piece is modern with an element of classic style. The details in this piece are located throughout the chair, not just on the top or bottom; this includes the buttons that manually adjust the seat height and tilt mechanisms that allow me to sink into the cushions for complete comfort.

My Hana Tufted Back Loveseat Recliner

  • This piece comes with padding to the seat and back that adds to the feeling of comfort and helps maintain my body heat, which helps me stay comfortable throughout the night.
  • The assembly of this piece is very simple; it took me less than fifteen minutes. It comes with all the tools I needed to install the chair, including a wrench and a strap.


  • Offers a huge seat space
  • The recliner is made of sturdy material
  • Fabric is very soft and comfortable
  • Is elementary to assemble
  • Affordable


  • The footrest is a bit hard to close
The use of the Hana Loveseat Recliner has been very comfortable, as the adjustable headrest and removable cushion make it easy for almost anybody to relax. 39.50 inches wide seat is a big plus, and the simple design makes cleaning very simple as well. The tufted back of this piece makes it an accent piece, which is excellent for those that are looking for a nice chair and a half recliner to complete their living room. It also comes with 90 days of hassle-free returns, giving complete peace of mind to those that are looking into buying this piece. You don't get that much seat width at that price.

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Signature Design by Ashley – Hogan Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Signature Design by Ashley - Hogan Contemporary Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner

Weight Limit: 500 lbs

Seat Depth: 28 inches


  • It allowed me to bring my own personality into my living room with this Wide Seat Recliner. This large recliner has all the features that I wanted in my chair and a half recliner.
  • The recliner has a seat width of 28 inches, best for overweight persons and snuggling with partners. The seat has a 24-inch drop from the center to the height of the chair, which gave me all of the comforts I could expect from this chair.
  • It is another zero wall option; it saves me a lot of space as it moves forward when you recline it, which means I could place it near walls without any hindrance in the recline. It has a maximum reclining angle of 135 degrees. And its zero-wall design makes it easier for me to get in and out of the chair with less effort.
  • It is made of solid wood and has a sturdy structure that can support heavy loads and will surely last for years.
  • It features premium upholstery; it has been four months and will probably last for years without cracking or peeling, even after years of wear and tear.

Signature Design by Ashley - Hogan Contemporary Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner - Pull Tab Reclining - Brown

  • It has a light brown color that gives it a contemporary look that ties in with just about any decor style I choose.
  • The backrest and footrest featured a highly padded design so that every time I sit on this chair, it will be as if I was sitting on a cloud.


  • 28 inches wide seat
  • Very soft and comfortable padding
  • Only minor assembly is required
  • Has an elegant and appealing look
  • Zero Wall Recliner


  • It does not provide real leather options
This Wide Seat Recliner makes for an excellent piece of furniture that can spice up any room in your house. If you are worried about the space in your room and need a sturdy chair and a half recliner, you will want to make sure that this item is on your list. It makes a fantastic gift for overweight and those who like to relax and watch television.


Now Some Good Chairs…

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Oversized Armchair

Our Rating: 9/10

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Living Room Armchair

Weight Limit: 400 lbs

Seat Depth: 26.5 inches


Lauren armchair is a quality product made in the USA. It is manufactured by one of the most trusted names in the market, Stone & Beam. They also manufacture many other pieces of furniture. Amazon actually owns this furniture manufacturing brand.

  • The cushions are very soft and cozy. This armchair has a down-filled oversized seat for relaxation and comfort.
  • The seat width is 26.5 inches, which is great for me as my partner, and I love to snuggle in it and watch Netflix all day on weekends.
  • I got the slate one, the frame is made from solid wood and tastefully upholstered with fabric. The frame comes in a natural or a dark walnut finish which exactly matched my style preference.

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Living Room Armchair

  • The eco-friendly benefits of this product include its sustainable, high-quality materials that breathe with padding for extra comfort. Another excellent advantage of this product is that it provides a 3-year warranty.
  • It is beautifully made, sturdy, and perfect for my home. The cushions are super comfortable and covered in high-quality fabric that feels luxurious, warm, and inviting. The seat cushions are also reversible and removable. It is a great product- a great way to feel relaxed and at home. It is so comfortable and stylish I found myself sitting in a chair all the time!



  • The fabric can withstand a lot of abuse and is stain-resistant
  • Style is timeless
  • There is no need to assemble it
  • Frame is made up of solid hardwood


  • The cushions are a bit firm at first
Although it is not a recliner, it still made it to our list as it exceeded our expectations, and it will exceed yours too. The fabric is solid and well-made, and the down filling gives it a great feel. The chair is made from high-quality material and is comfortable enough for a couple or an overweight person to sit in a chair and watch television all day. It is a great product. I placed it in the bedroom and used it personally and as an extra seating option for guests. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a new or replacement couch or armchair in their home.


Esright Grey Upholstered Rocking Chair

Our Rating: 8.8/10

Esright Grey Upholstered Rocking Chair

Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Seat Depth: 31.5 inches


A rocking chair is the most versatile piece of furniture you can get, especially if you live in a smaller space. It’s also an item that’s harder to find with a wide seat, but fortunately for all of us, there are plenty of options out there. One of these is the Esright Rocking Chair.

  • It’s made from high-density polyurethane foam that sits atop cushioned high back mesh fabric. The cushioning is relaxing to lean against, and it’s breathable, so you’ll never feel too hot. A backrest pad has been added for extra comfort, making this a super-comfortable rocking chair. 
  • The design is simple and does not compete with the rest of our living room or bedroom furniture.
  • It is made to last, using an engineered wood frame that is guaranteed not to warp, crack or split even when used outdoors in direct sunlight. It’s not weatherproof, nor is it treated with chemicals which means we can clean this rocking chair with everyday household products. However, we avoided long exposure to water since water can loosen the glue holding the cushioning in place. 
  • It doesn’t take up much space when it’s not in use. We do not have to deal with a lot of weight. It is much easier to maneuver around the house if you need to shift it away from a window or door. You can even move out in the yard during sunny days and bask in the evening sun.

Esright Grey Padded Seat Fabric Rocker for Nursery

  • We gifted the same chair to my grandma, who is a bit overweight. She was pleased to get this and says that she uses it every day, and it still feels like new. And the 31.5-inch seat width allows her to sit with my kids and tell them stories about the old times.


  • Has wooden rocker feet, which are very strong
  • Is effortless to assemble
  • It is very lightweight and easy to move
  • Has soft padding on the armrests


  • This chair gave off a chemical smell at first few days
Esright Grey Upholstered Rocking Chair Padded Seat has over four-star reviews on Amazon, over 1,000 customer reviews on Walmart with a 5-star rating. The wooden frame is made of 100% engineered wood and offers more stability than solid wood; therefore, it has no gaps or cracks. You get more peace for less money! The rocking chair is durable and will hold up to daily usage. It has a nicely padded seat and back cushion for added comfort, as well as a convenient armrest on either side of the chair. If you want to be able to rock your baby to sleep, watch T.V, read a novel, or give yourself a nice place to relax while you're waiting for some friends to arrive, then this is the rocking chair for you.


Buying Guide For Chair And a Half Recliners

We’ve compiled this handy guide on all of the things you need to know before purchasing one. Let’s get started!


There are different sizes of chairs and half recliners out there. It’s crucial to determine what size is best for your needs before buying because some are big enough to fit an average person while others are more suited to kids. Chair and half recliners are usually wide and offer a perfect space to adjust even two adults of moderate weight and size.


There are many types of upholstery material used for recliners; each has its pros and cons. So it’s essential to think about what you need. We recommend leather, whether natural or synthetic, like vinyl. It is easy to clean and doesn’t require much maintenance, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your chair and less time taking care of it.

Read our guide for recliner upholstery


You get what you pay for. The more you spend, the less you will have to worry about its maintenance and fixes. But in the end, it’s up to your pocket; if it allows, go for the best quality chair and a half recliner. We have listed many recliners with different price ranges. Regardless of their price, they are all the best choices on the market right now. The only difference is the features they offer.


Position – Depending on the type of recliner you buy, it may allow you to lower or tilt the seat back and forth to reach your desired spot. Every recliner has a different reclining angle so check before you buy. Some recliners also have an automatic system that automatically reclines when you push your back and some have a lever to manage positions.

Space Saver – Another feature is Zero-Wall; it allows you to have a recliner in a small space. This feature allows you to place your chair and a half recliner inches away from the wall as it moves forward when you recline, allowing you to relax without any hindrance.

Power Lift – It is an excellent choice, especially for people who have trouble getting up from their chairs quickly. You can adjust your chair’s level to an almost upright position so that you can easily get on and off the chair without much difficulty. But it is very rare to find in wide recliners.

Gliding – Recliners with glider features allow gliding when needed. The glider aspect is a significant benefit as you no longer have to use your arms and hands to move the chair back or forth. You can simply sit back and relax with ease.

Rocking – Chairs or recliners with rocking features allow you to rock the furniture back and forth easily. This is an excellent feature for nursing homes, older people, or people who just want to relax.

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